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Now the Entire World
is Your Customer.

As a marketing leader, you’re on the hook
to deliver growth. We got your back

About us

Elevating people and brands that we believe in.

A Malaysian based digital marketing agency since 2017. Meraaki works in tandem with forward-thinking, growth-minded brands to grow businesses and deliver success. That’s because providing elevated experiences for our clients, and customers is what we are all about.

Our Services

As a concept, digital marketing has expanded to encompass every potential digital channel and customer interaction, and that means if your company is going to standout, you’ll need an agency with a wide range of capabilities.

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Social Media

Social Media

Digital <br/>


Web and Mobile
App Development

Web and Mobile
App Development

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Company’s Vision

Moving towards automation.

At Meraaki we always work towards automating our client’s work flow. Our primary goal is to reduce client’s marketing effort and increasing revenue through digital automation. We achieve this by :

  • Audit all digital Assets.
  • Create omni channel digital connectivity.
  • Aggressive advertisement approach (AAA).
  • Data analytics and automation.

We are committed to your success.


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How can we help you.

We always work towards setting a clear digital objective for our customers before they embark into the journey of marketing.

In house team will need constant monitoring and push to
produce results. Moreover, there is no subject matter expert
to evaluate their KPIs. However, Digital Agency like Meraaki
has experience in handling multi projects and have proven
records for certain marketing approach. So with this client
can achieve their digital objectives.

Hub IT allows your business and technology
computers to store, transmit, analyze,
and manipulate big data.